Cristian was born and raised in Buenos Aires with a passion for dancing, Literature and arts. He is a graduate from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) where he majored in Literature and Argentine Culture.


He studied simultaneously Tango in the National University of Art (IUNA). I was trained by great tango teachers (Carlos Rivarola, Luis Sandá, Leonardo Cuello). He complemented by dancing regularly at local “milongas”. Since 2002 he performs worldwide.


He currently teaches tango lessons in several styles including Traditional Tango, Milonguero, Escenario and Neotango. Strongly influenced by the genuine and popular style of traditional tango, Cristian is always seeking to integrate new tendencies into his dance. He conducts annual European tours giving workshops on tango dance and history to both beginners and advanced dancers.

Cristian Javier Castaño

Puente 1 - blanco y negro